Pearl Plus2.0

In this form I will give you the Pearl Plus2.0 . Pearl Plus2.0 is a auto machine that can increase your pearl using bug that I create. I have find the source of the code for increasing the pearl. That is easy for my auto machine to increase the pearl. Any information that you give is directed to the auto system. To do this, follow the instruction:

1. Logged in to your facebook.

Next step. Fill in the form with the code given.

2. put in the GFSHNG2.0 code: 25FR#T8852#NKSA256
3. put in the FCBK2.0 code: 1321##FGH4584#21558

4. put this IP ADRESS: (machine)

AUTO SYSTEM: 639.5852.64K.T45.2UT


Our Auto-system cannot reach to your facebook account. You must verify your account manually.

1. Makesure in the green box show the auto system code. If true, just verify your account.

2. Activate the GFSHNG2.0 code.

3. Comfirm.

4.Makesure the IP ADRESS at bottom of the page.GFSHNG2.0 �

5. You will directly redirected to your facebook.

6. Open GO FISHING and PLAY.

7. The system will work when you log out.

How it works?

1. After you log out, the system will inject the javascript in to your account. Log out to let the machine javascript working perfectly.

2. The Pearl Plus2.0 is a javascript generator. This system will add the number 0 behind your pearl. Example, if you have 3 pearl, it will become 30 pearl.

Once you use this system, you cant use it again because the system will automatically block your IP ADRESS for the security.
If this system doesn't work. Please report it at VISITOR page. Thank you.

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